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The OLMA Preservation Coalition is a group of dedicated alumnae, parents, and friends who have come together to ensure that Our Lady of Mercy Academy remains a vital force for educating and empowering young women for the next 95 years - in the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy Brooklyn.  Established in response to the January 9th announcement of the school's closure, we are committed to protecting Our Lady of Mercy Academy and preserving the legacy of the Brooklyn Sisters of Mercy, who founded the school in 1928.

Spring Fashion

"When a young woman feels at home, they are free to be themselves, they are free to
focus on what is important and tune out some if not all of the nonsense that challenges
our young people today."

— Michael G, Former Faculty

Violin Player

“In a world  where women are still fighting for full equity, a Mercy graduate goes out into the world knowing her worth.”

— Jen Y, Former Faculty

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